About ASCLS Region VI

What is Clinical Laboratory Science?
Clinical Laboratory Science is the application of physical, chemical and biological principles to the performance of laboratory procedures. It encompasses research, development, teaching, supervision, and performance of these procedures and services. Clinical Laboratory Science is an independent profession which participates in and contributes to health services.

Who is the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science?

The American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science is the preeminent organization for clinical laboratory science practitioners. ASCLS provides dynamic leadership and vigorously promotes all aspects of clinical laboratory science practice, education and management to ensure excellent, accessible cost-effective laboratory services for the consumers of health care.

The members of Region VI consist of those ASCLS members in the following constituent societies:

Illinois: ASCLS-IL




Kansas: ASCLS-KS


Missouri: ASCLS-MO


Nebraska: ASCLS-NE


For more information on the American Society for Clinical Laboratory Science or on ASCLS Region VI, please contact:

Kim Von Ahsen, Region VI Regional Director director@ascls-regionvi.org


, Region VI Webmaster